• Alissa Kennedy

  • Graphic Designer, Web Designer/Developer & Photographer

  • San Diego, CA
  • email:
  • phone: 619.752.4048

I'm a Web Designer and Developer with creativity and technical skills, allowing me to design, launch and maintain websites. I'm a Graphic Designer and Photo Editing Expert with an artistic eye for the optimal presentation of products and promotional material.


Graphic Design

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Business Card, Brochure, Letterhead Design
  • Image Optimization for Print and Web
  • Printing Expertise
  • PowerPoint & Word Document Design
  • PDF Layout and Interactivity Design
  • Scalable Vector Graphic Creation
  • Hand Drawn Illustrations
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Web Design & Development

  • Familiar with PHP and JavaScript
  • Responsive Design / Mobile Web Coding
  • Bootstrap & JQuery Mobile
  • UI/UX - User Interface & User Experience Design
  • Wireframe & Mock Up Design
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Studio & Hand Coding


  • Studio Photography Lighting
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Advanced Photo Editing
  • Batch Editing and Culling
  • Portable Studio Photography Equipment
  • Professional, Large Format Camera


  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding and Identity
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Color Theory and Color Psychology

Other Skills

  • Videography, Video Editing & After Effects
  • Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Outlook
  • Proficient on both Mac & PC

Work Experience

Graphic Designer & Web Designer - Marketing Department

RF Industries, LTD (NASDAQ: RFIL)
San Diego, CA
Sept. 2015 - Present

Hired to assist with the creation of digital and printed marketing materials for RF Industries and their divisions.

  • Designs and codes custom email marketing templates with HTML and CSS for email marketing. Transitioned the company from printed newsletters to electronic email newsletters, saving approximately $12,000 of print and mailing expenses per year.
  • Photographs products for print and online using a macro lens in a studio environment, with subject matter than commonly includes small reflective chrome parts.
  • Works with existing code to create new web pages and improving outdated code and styles.
  • Works closely with engineers to create aesthetically pleasing technical product spec sheets.
  • Designs PowerPoint and Word templates to be used by executives.
  • Designs web application interfaces and plans application interactivity based on user requirements and constraints of data.
  • Works with 3rd party vendors to establish project scope and deliver designs and digital assets.
  • Helped to evaluate technology stack options to help find the most affordable solutions for custom software development.

Customer Liason - International Payments Department

Accuity Inc. (NASDAQ: RELX)
Skokie, IL
Sept. 2014 – Nov. 2014

Accuity is the registrar of ABA routing numbers who maintains global lists of routing numbers and publishes lists of banks and their correspondent banks for wire transfers. Hired in 2014 for a temporary data entry position to update information collected bi-annually from banks and credit unions.

  • Updated databases to track changes in bank information including contact information, changes to Standard Settlement Information (SSI) lists and correspondent bank information. Information gathered for correspondent banks included currency, and type of transactions correspondent banks are used for including cash payments, wires, money markets, and foreign or domestic transactions.
  • Called banks that did not responded to automatic notification system that request SSI updates, then documented any SSI changes and contact information preferences.
  • Completion of online security training course required by the U.S. Government for companies that are federal contractors.

Retouch Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Print Technician

PC Photo and Imaging
Encinitas, CA
Oct. 2010 – Apr. 2014

Hired in 2010 as a Photoshop expert focused on customer consultation, photo enhancement, large-format printing and undertaking a full redesign of the company website and social media presence. Responsible for creating and maintaining the company’s SEO presence, ensuring continual improvement in Google ranking, social media engagement and brand awareness through online marketing campaigns and continual content delivery/refinement.

  • Researched, analyzed and implemented SEO improvement studies by performing keyword research studies via Google Web Master Tools.
  • Designed, developed and maintained two separate ecommerce websites with print fulfillment.
  • Created and edited company promotional materials including: web-based advertisements, flyers, social media marketing materials, business cards signs, and in-store decorations.
  • Photographer who took portraits meeting passport requirements, photographed products and copied artwork to create large digital files to reprint large pieces of art at actual size.
  • Directly contributed over 1,000 hours of custom Photoshop processing for custom orders that involved original designs and collages, photo restoration, enhancement and retouching.
  • Communicated complex project details to coworkers, maintaining consistency between customer expectations and delivered products, even on orders requiring multiple employees
  • Ensured customer satisfaction while capturing detailed order requirements by providing one-on-one consultation, offering aesthetic expertise for over 1,000 custom orders.

Retouch Artist & Print Technician

Boot’s Camera Corp.
Fresno, CA
June 2008 – July 2010

Hired in 2008 as a Photoshop Specialist to enhance the store’s ability to fulfill custom orders and maintain the outdated e-commerce platform. Over time, the role expanded to include managing the video transfer department, streamlining the intake of custom orders and improving the production process for printing small- and large-format photos.

  • As the manager of the Video Transfer Department, efficiently managed up to seven simultaneous projects for multiple customers with overlapping deadlines.
  • Captured, communicated and delivered on requirements for custom print orders, including hands-on development of film and the production of small-, medium- and large-format prints.
  • Learned to maintain the photo ordering kiosks by installing new content, updating software and licenses.
  • Enhanced photos and restored old damaged images through Photoshop.
  • Printed small photographic prints via color chemistry wet lab, and printed large format prints via large-format Epson printer.
  • Maintained the chemicals for the wetlab photo printer and film developer machine.


Bachelors of Science, Web Design & Development

DeVry University

Chicago, IL & San Diego, CA

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New Design Trends and Technologies

Adobe MAX Creativity Convention 2016
San Diego, CA

Web Development & Programming Interactive Learning

Team Treehouse

Certificate of Proficiency in Web Design

MiraCosta College
Oceanside, CA

High School Diploma

Clovis High School

Clovis, CA


Alissa Kennedy

San Diego, CA


Phone: 619.752.4048

Graphic & Web Designer at RF Industries

I am not looking for freelance work at this time